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Offshore & Marine Inspections

LIA is a Registered and Approved company in India and Globally to perform inspections of Ships , Boats and Vessels inspected for safety before the Ship/Boat or Vessel is put into service or on first registry and annual inspected thereafter.
Should an accident occur which affects the safety of the ship or important repairs be made then the ship is required to be inspected to ensure its seaworthiness. LIA - National safety inspection certificates for All Ship/Boat or Vessels are required to be renewed annually.
A ship can be inspected by Authorised Marine Surveyors of the LIA  or by any LIA Authorised Sub Agents. 
Offshore & Marine Inspections
LIA provides a standard format for inspection of offshore vessels.  Our key focus of our work is vessel audit and inspections. Its use helps promote safety and efficiency and can help reduce the number of repeat inspections on individual marine vessels.
The inspection should be planned and undertaken in liaison with the vessel owner and should be undertaken by a competent inspector. Vessel charterers and clients may consider the inspection report  before commissioning any further inspections. Issued document by the LIA may be kept and updated onboard a vessel, thus reducing the time involved in an audit.
The LIA regularly reviews and updates in the light of regulatory and technical developments.
The marine contracting industry relies on a variety of specialist vessels to support its global operations. These vessels are purpose-built for specific operations ranging from pipe and cable laying through heavy lift to supporting diving and ROV operations. They are crewed with professionals who need to use a variety of cutting edge technologies safely and efficiently.
LIA guidance documents helps the members to ensure safe and efficient operations. The expertise and experience of companies operating these advanced vessels in all the world's oceans, in its deepest waters and in the full range of conditions is brought together in a comprehensive set of documents that is regularly reviewed and updated to reflect technological advances and operational achievements and address new, common issues.
We also commission and produce technical reports on topics including reviews of crucial equipment, such as navigation systems and thrusters, and issues such as selection, installation, operation, potential failure modes and more..
A ship can be inspected by Authorised Marine Surveyors of the LIA  or by any LIA Authorised Sub Agents. 
LIA -  Inspections & Survey will cover :
·       Hull,
·       Machinery,
·       Boiler,
·       Engines and Engine Room,
·       Main propulsion gears,
·       Life saving appliances and
·       Fire detecting and fire extinguishing apparatus,
·       To ensure that all such equipment complies with the relevant Convention requirements.
These Inspections & survey Include :
·       Crew Accommodation,
·       Documentation,
·       Cleanliness of Engine Room and
·       Other work areas
The competence of crew to operate the equipment found on board that particular ship. The inspector will also ensure that there is a mutually acceptable means of communication between the officers and principal seamen, either by use of a common language, or English.
Initial for vessels over 10 years of age  : Structural Survey.
Cargo ship safety inspection                 : Compliance Check.
And are applied as follows :
Prior to registering:
·       Vessels over 5 years of age: Cargo Ship Safety Inspection (then annually)
·       Vessels over 10 years of age: Initial for vessels over 10 years of age.
LIA  services have been developed to meet the needs of today’s ship operators. These are aimed at assisting the ship operator in maintaining a compliant ship and therefore a ship less exposed to external disruptions to its service.
LIA understands that our ability to compete with so many other flags means LIA must be ahead of the game when it comes to the level of service on offer with low costs and no hidden extras. Over the last decade LIA have introduced a series of in-house initiatives specifically aimed at giving our clients the best possible service..
This level of controlled delivery of services requires an administrative system capable of monitoring those services provided.
Due to the specialised nature of Ship Registration services, the development of an administrative system is best carried out by persons who have first-hand knowledge concerning the daily work and responsibilities . To ensure that such a system is fit for purpose and remains so during its lifetime it is recommended that it has been approved as compliant with an international standard for quality systems.
Ship Inspections and Assessments :
LIA services help improve assessment of ship or vessel conditions and reporting during inspections. The condition of the ship is fully recorded and deficiencies are identified as appropriate under these programmes. The shipowner is able to record the continued condition of his ships’ structures through the documentation and software within the Hull Integrity product.
Identifying deficiencies during Survey :
Our condition assessment survey procedure includes inspections which can identify areas of deficiency. Early identification of these areas provides an opportunity for targeted maintenance, which in turn can reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and increase the time available for charter.
Combining the LIA  survey with the vessel’s structural survey provides minimal disruption to the operational schedule.The hull structure assessment may include a fatigue assessment that can identify specific areas or locations to be inspected.
 The machinery and cargo inspections are combined in a single operational voyage that culminates in a cargo discharge. For bulk carriers, cargo gear and deck fittings are tested and examined as necessary.
 Separate reports are prepared covering the hull, fatigue, and machinery and cargo systems. 
LIA Inspection and Survey will give you a full details of :
·       Risks of pollution,
·       Structural failure and
·       Machinery downtime.
Inspection reports and associated certificates are issued to the shipowner upon completion of each stage. This provides the potential for an uninterrupted trading pattern and maximises the revenue from the ship.
Inspection Reports & Documents :     
LIA Reports and  certificate and report are valuable documents. A shipowner can show these to third parties as evidence of the ship’s condition. The Inspection Check List  demonstrates to charterers that the critical quality areas of the vessel have been assessed and certified. 
Benefits of LIA – Inspections & Survey Reports :
·       Provides an Independent TPI Evaluation and Condition Assessment of your Ship or Vessel  
·       To Understand the Operational Reliability of your ships, regardless of their age. 
·       Safe Voyage and better Reputations in chartering opportunities and increased Revenue and Earnings. 
·       Eliminating and Minimizing the Non Conformities by carrying out the Survey ,
·       Early Identification of deficiencies and Rectifications and Proper Maintenance in time.
·       Maximizing On-Hire Time.
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