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Materials & Machineries Inspections

LIA - Industrial Inspections :
·       Material Inspections
·       Machinery & Equipments.
The industrial inspection article provides you with information about
·       Shop inspection,
·       Site inspection &
·       Plant inspection.
Inspection Scopes required by the Client conveyed to LIA & Costs :
·       More complicated and lengthy inspection with scopes of work will cause higher inspection costs and higher assurance for quality products.
·       Less and short inspection as one man day visits with scopes will cause lower costs but higher risks of producing non-conforming products
So you need to optimize your inspection level. 
Inspection and Test Plan ( ITP ) :
The inspection and test plan is term, which is widely used in the procurement and purchase of industrial equipment.
It is applied in shop or vendor inspections and is a document that identifies the responsibility of the vendor, engineering company, third party inspection company and client regarding inspection "hold", "witness" and "Review" points. 
Shop Inspection :
Shop or vendor inspection covers inspection activities that are done by the second party or third party inspector. It is applied in manufacturing process of industrial equipment such as :
·       Pressure vessels,
·       Pumps,
·       Compressors, Generators
·      Valves, etc. 
Vendor Inspection:
Vendor inspection is just a different name for shop inspection and is applied in the purchase and procurement of industrial equipment. This will describes the tasks of the vendor quality control personnel, the third party inspector and the client responsibilities.  This is very important subject in industrial inspection application.
Industrial Quality Control ( IQC ) :
IQC team takes detailed tasks and responsibilities of the industrial equipment vendors and manufactures. The detailed tasks of the quality control team of the manufacturers and their relationship and connection to the purchaser's inspector. 
Factory Acceptance Test  ( FAT ) :
This terminology is used for inspections carried out in rotating equipment ,machineries , electrical and electronics  and instrumental equipment that is under construction in manufacturing shops
Industrial Test Systems ( ITS ) :
The required test in each inspection field such as shop inspection, pre-shipment inspection, site inspection and in-service inspection. The test is some part of an inspection process. Explaining -the required tests for each equipment type is not possible in a single article.
Industrial Test Calibrations( ITC):
Measuring, inspection and testing equipment calibration is mandated by most construction and in-service codes. The manufacturer's quality control system needs to define a process for the calibration of measuring and testing equipment to ensure the reading values are correct and accurate.
Material Inspection Receiving Report  ( MIRR ) :

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